Truth or Myth? Will drinking a gallon of water every day make your skin better/more hydrated?

Skin is the largest organ in your body, although it may not look like so, but surprisingly, 64% and more of your skin is water. If your skin doesn’t contain enough water, it will look duller, lose elasticity and cannot protect you from your environment as it should. Your body loses large quantities of water everyday from activities and metabolic processes, therefore, you need to have enough water intake to replenish your body and your skin. 

If your regular water intake is lower, you might see positive skin changes in about 2 weeks (better appearance, greater hydration and more radiant) when increasing your regular water intake to 8-10 cups of water each day. However, over-hydrating will not make significant changes on your skin since it's already well-hydrated. 

Drinking water is a great way to keep your skin hydrated, BUT, it is definitely not the only way. Several other factors contribute to well hydrated skin such as Trans-epidermal Water Loss (how strong your skin barrier is and how well can it lock the moisture in your skin), Sebum production (how much natural oil your skin produce to moisture itself), as well as rate of proliferation (how quick your skin cell renew). 

The root causes of skin dehydration vary from individual to individual and ingredients for tackling these causes are different, there is no one universal solution for them all. When you come in for your Revea skin diagnostic, your skin hydration level breaks down to 4 hydration health parameters. By understanding the in-depth biological causes of skin dehydration, Revea technology determines your hydration score, from there, provides a custom action plan for your own skin’s needs.