What is sensitive skin?

Have you noticed that your skin easily reacts with certain triggers such as fragrance, detergent or skin care products? Have you experienced very dry skin feelings, especially in dry weather or during wintertime? Have you struggled with the undesired redness, itching or tingling? Well, you might have sensitive skin. 

What is sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin are easier or have stronger reactions to substances in contact with their skins leading to sensory perceptions like irritation, inflammation and adverse reactions. Based on a research study in 2014, approximately 44% of Americans have sensitive skin. 

What causes sensitive skin?

Multiple factors contribute to skin sensitivity. Environmental factors such as UV exposure, air pollution, dry weather, other factors such as diet, alcohol consumption, stress, sleep, menstrual cycle, and stress level might induce sensitive skin. 

Who is more likely to have sensitive skin?

Females are more likely to experience sensitive skin compared to males. Some researches have shown that skin sensitivity is more common among Caucasian followed by Asians group and less likely to happen in black. However, some studies suggested no statistical differences between ethnic groups.