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Using data, science, and community to make skincare work for you.

Our mission


Revea was founded with a single focus: to make skincare work for each and every person, regardless of age, race, or gender. We are a skincare technology company using cutting-edge science and AI to design precision skincare that is formulated just for you, and no one else.

We’re creating the future of skincare—one that is rooted in science and data, designed for your biology, better for all people, and better for our planet. There are nearly eight billion people in the world, but skincare today is driven by four skin types, non-representative clinicals, and mass manufacturing. It’s a marketing-led, one-size-fits-all approach that is littered with the waste of failed trial and error and impossible guesswork.

No one else is exactly like you. No one else has your unique genetics, skin conditions, diet, environment, lifestyle, or lifetime of experiences. At Revea, we have dedicated years of research to create the first and only skincare system that calibrates these factors into a precision regimen to meet your skin’s unique and changing needs. Your customized formulas, made on demand and each rich with the world’s most advanced ingredients, work in harmony with your skin—caring for it, adjusting to it, mending the past, and revealing the skin you were meant to have.

The future of skincare is powered by our technology. We’ve designed an incredibly sophisticated, proprietary system that combines the latest hyperspectral imaging technology with advanced AI to match every single aspect of your skin to what it needs. We first made this accessible through our Revea Labs in San Francisco, and by bringing the technology to the mobile phone, we’re democratizing the most advanced skin diagnostics and analysis in the world. Even more advanced than what you would get at just about any dermatologist’s office.

We are a team of skincare veterans, scientists, creatives, and engineers who passionately believe that science is greater than marketing, and we’re on a mission to make skincare better for you, for all people, and for our planet.

We invite you to join us. Together, we can redefine what skincare can and should be.

Better for you

You deserve better than trial-and-error driven skincare to find solutions that work. We’ve invented the most sophisticated, advanced imaging technology in the world specially designed to measure your skin’s distinct biology. From there, we use AI to understand your individual needs and create formulations specifically designed for the uniqueness of your skin. This is what skincare should be. This is what we call Precision Skincare.

Better for all people

Fixing skincare means rethinking how skin is measured, whose skin is included, and how products are formulated. We are building the largest, most representative, and most precise understanding of skin in the world and a supply chain that will allow us to be precise in every formulation that is delivered. Together, we are remaking skincare to work for each, and every, person.

Better for our planet

We love our skin and the planet. So, we flipped the old skincare model to make each and every Precision Treatment Serum Regimen on demand. That means, no beauty graveyard and no wasted inventory sent to landfill. And every element of our packaging is recyclable, refillable and reusable.

the revea team


Revea Founder Chaz Giles

Chaz Giles

Never having ‘fit a box’, Chaz has dedicated 10 years to using technology to reinvent beauty, including leading innovation at Estee Lauder Companies.

Revea Founder Kana Panchmatia

Kana panchmatia

A biochemist by training, Kana was on route to be a dermatologist until realizing its standardized approach was failing countless patients.

Revea Founder Dr. Troels Marstrand

DR. Troels Marstrand

BioInformatics PhD, Troels is a skin bio data geek. Formerly Chief Data Scientist of LEO Pharma, he developed precision dermatology treatments.


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