Born From Experience

We are a team of skincare enthusiasts, biologists, chemists, creatives, data scientists, and engineers who believe skincare should be rooted in integrity, crafted for you, and never defined by a stereotype. Frustrated by a one size fits all industry, we left it... to redefine it.

What People Are Saying


Kana Panchmatia

A biochemist by training, Kana was on route to be a dermatologist until realizing its standardized approach was failing countless patients. Pivoting, she got a Masters in Product Development and Design. Her thesis: Personalized Skincare


As one who never ‘fit a box’, true inclusion has never been far from his mind. Chaz led Innovation at The Estee Lauder Companies, where he used technology to reinvent beauty, including the Company’s first custom foundation offering.

Dr. Troels Marstrand

PhD BioInformatics, Troels is (happily) a biology and data geek. Formerly the Chief Data Scientist at Leo Pharma, he used data science, machine learning, and diagnostics to enable precision medicine in dermatology. He also co-founded an AI renewable energy company.

Science Team


PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Lieve lives and breathes skincare. She heads our biology and formulation with 30 years of skincare expertise leading Basic Science Research for The Estee Lauder Companies across Europe & Asia.  

Dr. Yun Chen

PhD Bioinformatics, Yun is a skin care enthusiast and data scientist specializing in genomics, microbiome, and big data analytics. She has 19 publications in top scientific journals, including Nature Genetics 

Liyuan Ji

MS Pharmaceutical Science, Liyuan is a formulation chemist with a clinical skincare research background. On the side, she started a blog to break down skincare ingredients.  

Revea Team


Pavel is a full stack engineer who leads our engineering and development. He would take apart every piece of diagnostic equipment, if we let him.


Andrew is our frontend ninja (aka , who previously built experience for The Voice, FIFA, and Nickelodeon).


David is a mechanical engineer and maker, who never says no. Formerly an engineer at  Shiseido, he helped Bare Minerals patent and build their custom foundation machine and supply chain.

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