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Calm Control CC1-01

Calm Control CC1-01

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Calming,  Soothing, Barrier Strengthening, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, Made in California.

Clinically proven to reduce redness and visible signs of inflammation and rosacea.

▸ 100% Reported less reactive skin after 2 weeks 

▸ 84% reported significantly reduced irritation and redness 

75% Experienced reduced breakouts and redness in 1 week

Product Description

Award winning, barrier strengthening treatment serum clinically proven to reduce redness, sensitivity and the visible signs of Rosacea and inflammation. This advanced formulation instantly soothes irritation, cushions skin and helps you regain control of your skin’s reactivity. 

Product Details 

✓ Targets the root cause of redness, inflammation, irritation, and sensitivity

✓ Calms and soothes sensitive skin, reduces skin reactivity

Restores, repairs, and protects the skin barrier

Formulated for sensitive skin, tested on all skin types and tones

✓ Clinically tested, fragrance-free

The Research 

Rev Tech™’s advanced formulation technology unlocks a highly effective serum to target the root causes of redness, inflammation, irritation, reactivity, and sensitivity. A proprietary skin fortifying complex has been shown to activate epidermal growth factors to strengthen the skin’s barrier while anti-inflammatory actives soothe and calm. This multifactorial approach restores skin today and dramatically increases protection against photoaging and environmental pollutants, preventing future damage. Clinically proven to reveal healthier, hydrated, and more radiant skin in just two weeks.

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